Our Process

At Orora Fresh, we partner with you to deliver a complete produce packaging solution for your business. Rather than working with multiple suppliers across diverse product lines and regions, Orora Fresh is your single source solutions provider from pick to pack.

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In-house design experts turn your vision into reality while creating a memorable experience for the consumer. Showcase your fruits and vegetables with a custom design from Orora Fresh.

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Produce Packaging

We offer a wide range of products that protect and extend the shelf life of your produce. Through extensive research and testing, we ensure our products are of the highest quality. Whether you choose a stock option, or our proprietary HabitatTM Trays, your produce will stay fresher longer than standard packaging.

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State of the art equipment helps automate processes that increase productivity while decreasing overall costs. We save you time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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Global Resources

Orora Fresh is a proud member of the Orora Packaging Solutions family. Leveraging Orora's global footprint of 115 locations and team of more than 6,700 co-workers we adapt and deliver according to your business' specific needs.









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